Chungha’s VLive With Her Best Friend

Chungha seems to be enjoying her Chuseok holidays to the fullest!

Yesterday she shared photos with her friends and today she held an hour-long V Live session with her best friend Yiyeon from BVNDIT.

The two besties sat down in a cafe outside of Seoul and just enjoyed their free time while having some Americano. Both of them admitted they tend to have too much coffee, but who are we to blame them?

They also reminisced about their trainee days when they lived in the dorms and said how hard it was to be so far from their families. That is why they visit each other whenever they have free time now and they even had lunch together today with their parents. 

Chungha then revealed that Yiyeon was originally a part of the vocal team in the company before she started rapping. But Chungha then added that Yiyeon used to act all cute before assuming a cooler image more suitable for her role of the group’s main rapper and Yiyeon playfully hit her. Did Chungha need to expose her like that?

They continued chatting and listening to music throughout the broadcast and it’s so nice to see idols enjoying their free time.

Chungha is also close to DIA’s Ki Huihyeon and Gugudan’s Nayoung and you can see them have so much fun in Chungha’s Instagram photos from last night:

In case you still don’t know BVNDIT, they are MNH Entertainment’s first girl group that debuted in April of this year. They are often called “Chungha’s Little Sister Group” and Chungha even wrote letters to all the members to cheer them up ahead of their debut.

Here’s the MV of BVNDIT’s debut song “Hocus Pocus” in case you missed it:

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