CLC Change Concept In “Devil” MV

CLC just made their third comeback this year with “Devil” and the new song definitely brings a concept change for the group.

The video starts with the girls playfully dancing in colorful outfits, as shown before in their first teasers, and you could say that the title of the song is a little bit too dramatic for what it brings.

Well, you’d be wrong there! In the last minute of the MV everything suddenly goes dark before the group appears in all-black outfits and Elkie definitely gives those “badass gang leader you wouldn’t want to mess with” vibes.

Also, make sure to check out Seunghee’s and Sorn’s kind of creepy, but highly aesthetic moments that come up next in the video.

Compared to “No” and “Me, “Devil” is definitely a song that brings out the girls’ cute and playful side, but it blends perfectly with their signature girl crush vibes and a darker image.

Cheshire, here’s an extra treat for you! Although today’s comeback stage won’t be aired until next week, Seungyeon shared a photo from the backstage of Music Bank and it seems that they performed in the colorful outfits from the MV.

We can’t wait to see the performance! 🔥

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