CLC Comeback Countdown

Cheshire, make sure to check in daily for all the fresh updates😃

September 6

Cheshire, are you ready?

The last teaser is finally here!

Don’t let the colors fool you! It might look all cutesy and bright at a first look, but did you see that at 0:06?

D-1, September 5

It’s finally time for the first video teaser!

Today, the concept is once again all about colors. Just take a look at the teaser below:

Is it safe to conclude that this comeback will be all about duality?
We’ll know for sure if Cube Entertainment drops a darker version of a video tomorrow. 😏

D-2, September 4

After yesterday’s bright and colorful photos, CLC today shared a much darker set of photos. The mood definitely goes well with “Devil” and the revealed lyrics of the title song!

Check out all the photos below:

Seunghee, Yujin and Seungyeon rocked those all-black outfits and we’d definitely love to see the girls wearing it on stage for “Devil” as well!

We also can’t help but wonder – did Sorn invent this hair color?

And, Cheshire, can you survive Yeeun staring at you like this? We are definitely not feeling fine!

Miss Hong Kong also made an appearance and, Elkie, are those silver extensions!? YES, PLEASE!

Elkie might be super elegant in this outfit, but look at Eunbin in the next photo – you just don’t want to mess with her!

These comeback teasers just keep getting better with each new release! So far we’ve got a bright and cheerful concept and a darker one. What do you think comes out tomorrow?

D-3, September 3

We’re done with lyrics spoilers Cheshire, it’s time for some concept photos now!

Cube Entertainment first uploaded a photo of Seunghee…

…then Yujin and Seungyeon..

…followed by Sorn and Yeeun…

…and finally Elkie and Eunbin.

And just when we were about to call it a day (this article is getting pretty long), Cube Entertainment also dropped the group photo:

That’s it for today, Cheshire! What do you think we can expect from the girls tomorrow? 🧐

D-4, September 2

Today at midnight KST, CLC uploaded a new set of lyrics teasers, and this time we got three photos! Find out what they mean below 👇

Translation – first photo:

How dare you wag your tail, I can see all your filthy plans

Translation – second photo:

Then when you start crying and begging, even if you do, I won't even blink

Translation – third photo:

Nothing works anymore, you've just crossed that line

D-5, September 1

New lyrics spoilers are here, Cheshire! CLC shared two more spoiler photos on their official Twitter account. Let’s take a look!

Translation – first photo:

I can always be worse than you could even imagine

Translation – second photo:

You've woken up my true nature that I tried so hard to hide

Cheshire, is it a bop we’ll be getting on September 6? Sure it is!

D-6, August 31  

UPDATE (1:30 KST): The girls said in a VLive video that the revealed lyrics are Yujin’s and Seunghee’s lines of the comeback title song.

Original article:

On August 31 at 12 AM KST, CLC dropped the first lyrics spoiler for their next title song “Devil” via their official Twitter account. Therefore, we are now taking this opportunity to officially start our CLC comeback countdown!

Translation – first photo:

You can't tell who's a very cruel devil on the outside

Translation – second photo:

Where did you learn those bad things that you're trying to imitate awkwardly?

It seems that the CLC girls will be playing with fire in their new MV and we can’t wait to get more hints or to finally see the teasers for “Devil”. 🔥 🔥 🔥 

Stay tuned for more updates! 

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