[CLC, Dreamcatcher] Elkie’s and Handong’s Friendship Still Going Strong

CLC’s Elkie is a real social butterfly on the K-pop scene. She’s been making friends left and right!

After visiting TWICE’s Tzuyu in Taiwan last week, she now met with Dreamcatcher’s Handong.

Elkie shared their selfies from today’s episode of Mnet’s M Countdown, where both CLC and Dreamcatcher promoted their comeback songs.

The caption of the photos below contains a cute caption that is a combination of their names – Dong and Ting – and a heart emoji. Aren’t they adorable?

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동동동동팅팅팅팅🧡 #Handong #Elkie

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Elkie had previously shared photos from the vacation she spent with Handong in February, and the fans of both groups were super happy to see the girls spend so much time together on their days off.

(Swipe right to see their selfies)

It seems that all girls from both groups get on really well as they shared a group photo via CLC’s official Instagram account:

Dreamcatcher returned with “Deja Vu” yesterday, September 18, and you can see their performance on today’s episode of M Countdown below:

CLC promoted their latest single “Devil” that was released on September 6.

We hope the girls get some trophies soon! 🏆

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