CLC’s Elkie Celebrates B-Day With Tzuyu And Shuhua

Today, November 2, Elkie took to her personal Instagram account to share a very special set of photos.

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귀여운 사람들🥰 생일이 이렇게 행복할 수가…

A post shared by ELKIE (@chongtingyanelkie) on

As you can see, she celebrated her birthday out and about with the beauties Tzuyu and Shuhua.

The caption below the photo reads:

Cute girls 🥰
I never knew I could be this happy for my birthday…

Not long after she shared those photos, Elkie posted again:

To make things even better, Shuhua very openly fangirled over TWICE and especially, Tzuyu, in a recent V Live (click here to read that article), and to see her now hanging out with Tzuyu is truly heartwarming.

This is definitely not the first time that Elkie and Tzuyu are blessing us with photos of their outings with other idols. You can check out whose birthday they celebrated not to long ago by clicking here.

Happy birthday, Elkie! 🎂

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