[CLC] Elkie Shares Video With (G)I-DLE’s Dog Haku

Today, October 8, Elkie shared a story with a very familiar and utterly adorable puppy on her personal IG profile.

In the short video we see Haku completely ignoring Elkie’s attempts to make him look at the camera. She even wrote “Haku, don’t play hard to get.”

If you remember, back on September 3, Yuqi shared a video of herself playing with Haku and his brother Mata. In that video the good boys show off which tricks they can do. Well, one of them does. Check out our article on that here.

Elkie’s video poses two very important questions: Where is Mata? And how do we get into Cube Entertainment in order to get some quality time with these playful beasts?

We hope to see more interactions between the lovely ladies from CLC and (G)I-DLE in the future. Maybe they could organize a puppy play-date and share it with us on V Live. Fingers crossed!

If you’re in the mood for some more Elkie content, check out out yesterday’s article about her dinner date with two very special ladies. Everybody loves Elkie 🙂

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