CLC Show Off Various Concepts In “Devil” Gap Crush Video

CLC have delivered so much content for “Devil” since the comeback announcement back in August, but they still manage to surprise us with something new each day.

Today, the girls were featured in a “gap crush” video on 1theK Originals’ YouTube channel, showing us how versatile they are as performers. They switched between sexy and mature, casual and cute, goofy and witchy.

There is no point in retelling the whole video because it would be best for you to experience it for yourselves, but we’d like to give you some hints before you watch it…

Elkie’s smooth transition when she shoots a heart and then changes it to a gun is so pleasing to watch (but let’s keep it in mind not to get on her bad side). In the moments to follow, she is even more dangerous with that ax she is wielding. Is anyone reminded of the MV right now?

Sorn totally nailed the cute concept and Yeeun managed to deliver those rap lines while looking all cute in pajamas. Also, the ’98 line tried their hardest to annoy poor Yujin at 01:56. A group of devils, indeed!

Moments ago, Elkie uploaded a photo of herself and Seungyeon wearing the pajamas from the video shooting. Check out that teasing caption right there! Did she maybe learn about teasing from her BFF Tzuyu?

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