CLC Spotted Leaving For Russia

CLC are off to Moscow for the 2019 K-Content Expo

Just a day after they announced “Devil” as their next comeback title song, the girls were spotted at Incheon Airport on their way to Russia. They are set to not only perform at K-Content Expo on August 31, but also hold a fansign event for Russian Cheshires the next day!

We are absolutely delighted with our girls getting more international schedules and exposure, especially since their next comeback is just around the corner. And it seems that they are also super excited to meet their Russian fans, as they even took some language lessons ahead of their trip!

Seungyeon was spotted carrying a Russian travel book, and it seems that the rest of the girls have been taking notes as well. Elkie posted this photo with a caption in Russian, meaning: “See you soon!”…

…Eunbin shared a photo from the airplane with a sweet message for Russian fans as well: “We’re finally going to Russia! See you soon.”…

Yeeun and Elkie shared some more cute photos just before the trip…

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…and here you can see the video of their arrival at Incheon Airport. Question for Cheshire: what is Seungyeon showing off at the end of the video?

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