[CLC] Yeeun’s & Seunghee’s Interaction With Sorn’s Family

CLC are currently in Bangkok, Thailand, where they are set to perform at the K Crush 2019 concert tonight.

The girls were thrilled to see so many Thai Cheshire welcome them at the airport. You can see how excited they were when CLC appeared in the video below:

Thai fans even trended the hashtag #WelcomeCLCtoThailand and Eunbin thanked them in her Instagram story:

But that wasn’t the highlight of the evening; Sorn’s family also waited for the group in her hometown and we got a chance to see a cute interaction between them and Yeeun and Seunghee

First, Seunghee greeted and hugged Sorn’s family members…

…and then Yeeun ran over to Sorn’s mother to hug her, despite the fact that the staff were already ushering them into the van:

Recently, the girls went on Idol Radio and said that they are already like family to each other, and these short videos have just confirmed it. 

The girls then finally left the airport, but Seungyeon and Yujin still held a VLive session from their hotel room later. It seems that the girls were really happy to see all the Cheshire waiting for them and meet Sorn’s family, even though it was a brief encounter.

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