CLC’s Elkie & Eunbin Appear On TMI News + Tzuyu’s Family Background Revealed

On September 18, a new episode of TMI News was broadcast on Mnet. This show ranks idols according to different criteria in each episode, and today’s topic was K-pop idols who were born with a silver spoon.

This episode brought a top seven list of idols and Elkie and Eunbin were given the role of intern reporters who had to comment on the ranking with the show’s regular MCs: Jun Hyunmoo and Jang Doyeon

Right from the start, Eunbin surprised everyone when she proudly revealed that her father is a journalist, so she was bound to do well on the show. 

Elkie was especially happy when her bestie Tzuyu was revealed as one of the idols on today’s chart. The MCs first complimented the extraordinary beauty of TWICE’s maknae before they started explaining her family background. 

According to TMI News, Tzuyu’s parents first opened a small business at a local night market in Tainan, and it was so successful that they soon ventured into other businesses as well. They soon became landlords and even invested around $1,8 million in three different plastic surgery clinics.

You’d think that all this is already too much, right? But there’s more!

Tzuyu’s mother then opened a new coffee shop that immediately became so popular that she followed up with the second one just one month later. The first coffee shop is now known among fans as “TWICE’s museum” and you can read more about Tzuyu and Elkie visiting it last week in this article.

Lastly, the hosts retold the story of Tzuyu signing the desk in her middle school back in 2016 and the fact that the desk is still kept in the school lobby for everyone to see. Elkie was really surprised to find out that her best friend had the power to turn a random item into a museum-style exhibit. 

The news may not be that surprising to ONCEs, but it seems that Elkie was a bit shook; which we consider kind of funny since she visited Tzuyu’s family home just last week.

The power of TWICE’s maknae is no joke! Elkie seemed to be so proud of her best friend.

You can see the full list of the idols and the video featuring Tzuyu below:

1. Chenle – NCT DREAM

2. Sungjae – BOTB

3. Mark – GOT7

4. P.O – Block B

5. Tzuyu – TWICE

6. Umji – GFriend

7. Lia – ITZY


We’ve noticed that the original link on wasn’t available in some countries so we’ve updated this article with the YouTube video posted on Mnet’s YouTube channel.

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