CLC’s Elkie Posts New Photos With Chinese Speaking Idols

By now, all CLC and TWICE fans have gotten used to Elkie posting photos of herself and Tzuyu on her official Instagram account.

The duo even went to Taiwan together, but it seems that Elkie is really out there trying to collect all Chinese speaking idols.

Not long ago, she posted a photo of herself, Tzuyu and Dreamcatcher’s Handong enjoying their free time.

Today, Elkie blessed the fans with a new photo and a video of the trio joined by Gugudan’s Sally as well.

In the video we can see the girls surprise Sally, who will turn 23 on October 23, with a pre-birthday cake. How sweet is that?

Obviously, we can’t wait for Elkie to make (G)I-DLE’s Shuhua join them on one of their next dinner dates, especially after Shuhua fangirled so much over TWICE and Tzuyu in one of her recent VLives.

Stay tuned for updates.

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