CLC’s Sorn Promises Full Album Next Year

On September 20, CLC traveled to Bangkok, Thailand, for their show at K Crush 2019 concert. During their stay in Thailand the girls sat down for an interview with Bugaboo TV.

The video was finally uploaded on Bugaboo’s official YouTube channel and Cheshire got to hear some good news from Sorn.

The Thai member first expressed how happy she was with the fact that they had three comebacks this year and thanked all their fans for supporting them. Then she revealed the news that all fans have been waiting for anxiously: CLC will release their first full album early next year!

The group debuted on March 19, 2015 but they haven’t released a full album so far, making their fans question the way CUBE Entertainment is managing the group. Although the girls released their eighth mini album this year in January (No.1), and two digital singles (“Me” and “Devil”), the company has been ignoring fans’ requests to finally give the group a full album. 

Fans have also complained about the fact that CLC still don’t have their official color or the official lightstick.

We hope that CLC will get the chance to record their full album soon and to promote more.

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