Concerned Fans Want X1 To Start Prioritizing Their Health

Today, October 6, concerned X1 fans One It started a hashtag event on Twitter in order to shed some light on the fact that the eleven members all seem to be completely overworked and exhausted.

The fans are pointing out the fact that ever since Produce X 101 started back at the beginning of May, and, we’re sure, even before that, the members haven’t had any time to regain their strength and focus on their health.

The fans are worried that their merciless schedule will put the members in the hospital and are actively trying to make Swing Entertainment take some action regarding the boys’ health.

Below you can see a tweet, which was deleted in the meantime, that explains what this hashtag even is trying to do.

The tweet reads:

Even when they are injured, our X1 members can’t go to the hospital, but they have to get up on stage. We organized this in order to get some feedback from Swing Entertainment and we hope that as many of you as possible will take part in this event.

Here you can see the two hashtags the fans are using.

The first one is “All X1 members go to the hospital together” and the second one is “Keep the members of X1 healthy”.

The first hashtag is currently trending at no. 2 in Korea.

We’ll keep you updated if any new information comes out!

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