Korean Netizens And I-ONCEs Show Support For TWICE’s Jihyo Amid Dating Scandal

Earlier today, Dispatch has reported that TWICE’s leader Jihyo and Kang Daniel have been dating for approximately seven months.

According to the original report, Jihyo was spotted visiting Daniel’s apartment in Hannam-dong on various occasions in late July and early August, following Daniel’s successful debut.
Not long after the news broke, both KONNECT Entertainment and JYP Entertainment officially confirmed the news, stating:

Jihyo and Kang Daniel are currently meeting each other with good feelings.

So far, fans’ reactions both in South Korea and abroad have been mostly positive, with netizens supporting TWICE’s hardworking leader on Naver and other Korean online platforms.

We hope that the happy couple will continue receiving support from fans and that they will carry out with their scheduled activities as planned.

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