ET Line Still Going Strong In Taiwan (Part 2)

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We’ve been waiting for Tzuyu to finally upload some photos of Gucci on Twicetagram, but we got Elkie x Gucci instead!

It’s safe to say that Elkie is now a certified Gucci fan. Take a look at her latest set of photos here:

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엘키의 시선📸 #酷吉 #🧜🏻‍♀️

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We know that you all wanted to see more of Tzuyu’s and Elkie’s adventures in Taiwan, so here you go!

Elkie has been teasing us for days with photos and short videos on her Instagram profile, but none of them included Tzuyu.

On September 13, some lucky Taiwanese ONCEs spotted the ET line enjoying their free time at a night market in Tainan, Tzuyu’s hometown. Apparently, the girls not only enjoyed the famous Taiwanese street food, but also played a couple of games of balloon darts.

Although we don’t know who won the game in the end, we have a feeling that JYPE’s representative archer “Tzugolas” beat her friend. 

Today, September 15, Elkie finally blessed us with some photos of her and Tzuyu. She included a sweet thank-you message in the caption of the photos below:

It was such a joyful Chuseok 💚 Thank you 🐠

She used the fish emoji because the Chinese word is pronounced the same way as “Yu” in “Tzuyu”. What a witty way to thank your friend!

These pics show Tzuyu and Elkie walking through the woods (Tzuyu did previously say that she’d go camping for the holidays) and enjoying their time at Tzuyu’s family coffee shop in Tainan.

Also, if you pay attention to the photos above, you might spot the couple bracelets that our ET line got during the trip.

We totally support this friendship and hope to get more photos on Twicetagram as well!

Thanks for the photos, Elkie, and have a safe trip back to Korea! 


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