EVERGLOW Comeback Countdown

D-3 (January 31)

With only three days to go until Reminiscence, EVERGLOW has finally released the album highlight medley!

The first song on the mini album is a very cheerful and uplifting “Salute“. you’re having a bad day, we have a feeling that this song might help put you in a better mood.

Then we have the title track “DUN DUN“, which is an absolute bop with some serious bada$$ vibes.

The last two tracks – “Player” and “No Lie” – also sound amazing and both songs seem to have very interesting beat drops.

EVERGLOW really didn’t come to play this comeback!

D-5 (January 29)

The MV teaser for EVERGLOW’s new title track “DUN DUN” is out now!

The clip briefly shows the girls’ outfits and we can hear just a snippet of the actual song at the very end, but “DUN DUN” already sounds like a bop.

It seems that there will also be a group of backup dancers just like in the music video for “Adios”, and we can’t wait to see the new dance performance soon.

D-9 (January 25)

Forever, the tracklist for EVERGLOW’s first mini album is finally out!

Reminiscence will consist of four new songs, with “DUN DUN” as the title track. Judging from the song titles only, it looks like a perfect girl crush album is coming our way:

  1. “Salute”
  2. “DUN DUN”
  3. “No Lie”
  4. “Player”.

The Swedish producer and songwriter Ollipop – who previously worked on Red Velvet’s “Zimzalabim”, TWICE’s “Feel Special”, as well as EVERGLOW’s latest hit “Adios” – produced all four new tracks on the girls’ first EP. We can’t wait to hear what EVERGLOW and Ollipop have in store for us this time!

Stay tuned for the “DUN DUN” music video teaser after the Seollal holiday, on January 29 at 6 pm KST.

D-10 (January 24)

Moments ago, EVERGLOW shared the third and final batch of concept photos, featuring Mia, Sihyeon and Aisha.

These photos don’t let on much about the overall vibe of the new album, except for the fact that the girls are going to look stunning in the music video. Could there be some hidden meaning behind the decision to shoot E:U at a different set?

Next up: the Reminiscence tracklist!

D-11 (January 23)

EVERGLOW has just revealed the first set of individual concept photos, starting with their trusty leader E:U.

The team’s maknae, fairylike Yiren, is up next…

…and Onda is the last member to be featured in her own individual teaser. Serving another iconic hairstyle, we see!

Forever, are you ready for this comeback? Three more concept photos are coming your way tomorrow.

In other exciting news, U.S. Forever will soon get a chance to enjoy the tracks from the new album live, as the group announced their first ever tour! “EVERGLOW: Everlasting Tour in USA” is set to start with a show in Dallas on March 6, and you can see the full list of dates and cities in the photo below.

D-12 (January 22)

Forever, we got the first group concept photos!

So far, it seems that the group is going for a dark concept (girl crush maybe?) and we can’t wait to see if tomorrow’s photos will have a similar vibe or introduce a completely different side to EVERGLOW.

One thing is for sure, the girls look absolutely stunning in those sparkly outfits! Is it too much to ask for a music show stage with this concept?

D-13 (January 21)

After yesterday’s sudden comeback news, EVERGLOW are back with the official teaser release schedule.

The group will be dropping concept photos over the next three days before they reveal the tracklist for their first mini album Reminiscence on January 25.

We’ll get the MV teaser for EVERGLOW’s new title track on January 29 and the album highlight medley two days later.

Stay tuned for all the teasers and other comeback-related updates in one place!

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