Everglow Gets First Ever Win On ‘The Show’

Everglow have been promoting their smash hit “Adios” for five weeks and now they finally got their well-deserved music show trophy.

On today’s episode of SBS’ The Show, the girls were nominated for first place along with CLC and Dreamcatcher.

They took the trophy with a total of 7,861 points while Dreamcatcher placed second with 7,850. It was a tight battle but both groups returned with bops so the results aren’t all that surprising.  

E:U wanted to thank everyone but was too emotional to do it, so Aisha took over and expressed their gratitude to the fans. 

CLC returned with “Devil” on September 6 and Dreamcatcher performed “Deja Vu” which they released on September 18.

If you’re still not familiar with Everglow, you can check out their episode of Idol Radio or the dance performance of “Adios” on Idol Room.

Congrats on your first win, Everglow and Forever!

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Dreamcatcher actual score should have been 7965 beating Everglow’s 7861. There have been calls for an investigation into the controversy but to date SBS have not responded in any way. I love Everglow and Dreamcatcher and both have released great songsn however if this music show is manipulating results like mnet have been accused of in the Produce series, then it begs the question why bother taking part. All we… Read more »

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