[Everglow] Idol Radio With Confident Rookies

Today, September 11, Everglow made their second appearance on MBC’s Idol Radio and thrilled fans with how mature and professional they are despite having recently debuted, in March this year.

Unfortunately, Aisha and Mia couldn’t make it today due to health reasons, so they are currently resting.

MC Ilhoon first introduced E:U as the oldest member and Sihyeon as the group’s “happy virus”, followed by Everglow’s charming maknae Yiren and the “smiling fairy” Onda.

Once they all sat down, Ilhoon asked about their outfits for the interview. He noticed that Onda’s outfit somewhat resembled an apron and asked her if she liked cooking. Turns out, she really enjoys making all kinds of food, so now we know who is in charge of cooking in their dorms. 

Since today was the 175th day since their debut, Ilhoon asked the group how they were feeling about performing. Yiren said that after their first comeback she feels way more confident on stage. She added that since she is the center of the group, she always tries to to become a role model to her fellow members and make her stage presence more appealing. Keep in mind that she is actually the youngest member in Everglow!

Sihyeon added that right after their debut she would get really nervous and worry about possible mistakes ahead of every performance, but now she has a different approach. After they returned with a more powerful concept for “Adios”, she started focusing more on performing rather than allowing her fears to control her.

Then the group presented their latest album Hush. When describing the songs, the girls described “Hush” as a relaxing, medium-tempo song, while E:U said that “Adios” was an addictive pop and R&B track. Lastly, Onda added that compared to “Adios”, “You Don’t Know Me” brings out their innocent and cute sides, paired with meaningful lyrics.

Here is a fun fact for you: the composer of “You Don’t Know Me” is also the one behind TWICE’s new title track!

Before they said adios to the fans in the studio, Everglow danced to a medley of songs which included their debut song “Bon Bon Chocolat”, NCT U’s “Boss”, Red Velvet’s “Dumb Dumb”, TWICE’s “Like Ooh-Ahh”, and, finally, “You Don’t Know Me”.

We loved seeing such interesting and confident rookies on Idol Radio and we wish Mia and Aisha a speedy recovery!

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