Exclusive: What To Expect From Eric Nam’s “Before We Begin” World Tour

On January 9, Eric Nam kicked off his “Before We Begin” world tour with an amazing show in Taipei, Taiwan, and TheStandom team was there to experience it all!

A crowd of both local and international Nam Nation members gathered at Nuzone Taipei to greet Eric with loud cheers as he went on stage and started the show with two songs from his latest album, Before We Begin.
“Come Through” set the mood right before Eric sent the fans into a frenzy with “You’re Sexy I’m Sexy”, joined by a group of dancers.

Two of his Korean hits followed after a short opening ment: “Miss You” and “Good For You”. “How I’m Doing” was up next, and Eric pointed out that it was the last track he decided to add to his English album. He went on to explain that it describes the efforts to do your best for someone even if you’re not quite sure whether it turned out the way you had imagined.

Eric then sang 놓지마 (Hold Me) and “Wonder”, once again revealing the meaning behind the song to the audience:

Everyone’s gone through a breakup and ended up thinking “what if…?”

After performing a couple more of his English songs – “Don’t Call Me” and “Idea Of You” – Eric asked the fans in the audience if it was anyone’s birthday that day. Two lucky fans couldn’t possibly have gotten a better birthday present than Eric singing Happy Birthday” to them right then and there! We were just a little bit jealous…

The show continued with “Love Die Young”, the prereleased track from Before We Begin, and Eric told the fans that he wrote the lyrics right after concluding his European tour last July. It all happened in a period when he was exhausted due to both his personal and professional life, so he managed to convey those feelings in the song.

“Cave Me In”, “Potion” and “Runaway” were next on Eric’s setlist, after which he asked fans what other songs they wanted to hear before the show ended. Even though the fans’ song requests were not included in the original setlist, that didn’t stop the great Eric Nam from singing a bit of “Bravo, My Life” and “Stop The Rain” a cappella.

Eric then performed “Honestly”, 못참겠어(Can’t Help Myself)” and “This Is Not A Love Song” before bringing the Taipei show to its end with the Before We Begin title track, “Congratulations”.

Eric addressed the fans one last time in the ending ment:

Thank you guys so much for coming to this Eric Nam TED Talk, I love you so much. Have an amazing 2020!

American Nam Nation, you’ll have a chance to hear Eric perform all these hits as early as next month, and the tickets are available here.

Special thanks to Onion Production for inviting us to the event!

Cover photo courtesy of Onion Production.
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