[EXO] Chen Attends Brother’s Wedding + Becomes Trending Topic

On October 27, EXO’s fansites reported that Chen was spotted at his older brother’s wedding, where he even sang a special song for the bride and groom.

At a fansign event in April, during his April, and a flower promotions, Chen mentioned that his hyungKim Jongdeok, born in 1990 – would be getting married this year, and that day has finally come. Meanwhile, Kim Jongdae was not only a special guest but also a bona fide wedding singer!

According to accounts from people in attendance, Chen sang his 2014 OST for It’s Okay, That’s Love : “Best Luck”, as it was the song his brother especially requested. Before the performance, however, he gave a short speech:

Sorry, I would just like to say a few words. Wow…To think that my hyung is getting married! I couldn’t believe it, even up until yesterday, but seeing him enter [the hall] made me even more nervous [than them]!
Once again, I want to thank you all for coming today. My brother said that he really wanted to hear this, so I chose this song. It’s called “Best Luck”. I hope you will listen along with the couple.
Big brother, sister-in-law, I love you!

After cleansing everybody’s ears and souls with his heavenly vocals, Chen once again addressed the newlyweds…

I wish a lifetime of happiness for you two, more than anybody else.

…and the brothers shared a warm hug in the end.

Luckily, Jeong Minchul, the man who MC-ed the wedding party (seen on this article’s cover photo with Jongdae) posted clips of Chen singing “Best Luck” on his Instagram Story, which you can check out here:

Twitter was on fire as more and more photos of Chen at the reception – posing for pictures with the guests or just standing there – were getting posted, with fans and non-fans alike wishing to have somebody as handsome and talented as him sing at their own weddings.

As a result, the keyword 결혼 축하 (“congratulations on your wedding”) has reached No. 5 in Korea trends on Twitter, and Chen was also the third most trending topic on Melon.

That’s EXO for you… They impress no matter what they do!
How can we forget the “white hair crisis” from a couple of weeks ago?

Congratulations to Chen’s brother on his wedding from all of us at TheStandom as well!

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