[EXO] Chen’s Comeback Schedule + Tracklist, Revealed

UPDATE (September 21)

On his birthday, Chen gave his fans a present: the full tracklist for the Dear my dear album!

The six songs featured on this album are:

  1. 우리 어떻게 할까요? “Shall We?”
  2. 그대에게 “My Dear”
  3. 고운 그대는 시들지 않으리 “Amaranth”
  4. 널 안지 않을 수 있어야지 “Hold You Tight”
  5. 그댄 모르죠 “You Never Know”
  6. 잘 자요 “Good Night”

Which one will be the title track, though? Stick around to find out…

Original article

On September 20, at noon KST, SM Entertainment finally shared more information about Chen’s October comeback.

More specifically, we now know that the teasers for his second mini album are scheduled to drop every day, starting on September 23. Check out all the info below:

So, not only are we getting daily teasers for a week before the release of Dear my dear, but there will also be a fan event on October 4! It will take place at Seoul’s Yes24 Live Hall at 8 p.m. KST.
(FYI: SuperM is debuting on the same day, no biggie.)

This news comes a day before Jongdae’s 28th birthday, making it the perfect gift for his fans – Soondingies – as well as EXO-Ls in general.

Are you excited about Chen’s solo comeback? Make sure to stay tuned for daily updates in our Comeback Countdown, which will begin in a couple of days. In the meantime, you can find out more about his appearance on a new music talk show airing next week here.

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