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D-DAY ⇛ article

D-1 (November 26)


The teaser release time has been confirmed and we finally have an update on the official comeback schedule!

  • November 29EXO THE STAGE prerecording
    • (3 pm KST) EXO concept stage
    • (7 pm KST) X-EXO concept stage
  • November 30 (8 pm KST) EXO THE STAGE V LIVE broadcast pt. 1
  • December 1
    • (7 pm KST) OBSESSION fansign at Spigen Hall in Gangnam
    • (8 pm KST) EXO THE STAGE V LIVE broadcast pt. 2
  • December 2 (12 pm KST) EXO THE STAGE V LIVE broadcast pt. 3
  • December 3 (12 pm KST) EXO THE STAGE V LIVE individual focus (EXO)
  • December 4
    • (12 pm KST) MBC FM4U Kim Shinyoung’s Noon Hope Song – radio broadcast, six members
    • (12 pm KST) EXO THE STAGE V LIVE individual focus (X-EXO)
    • (11:05 pm KST) Radio Star guest appearance (six members)
  • December 5 (12 pm KST) EXO THE STAGE V LIVE one-take versions (EXO and X-EXO)
  • December 6 (5 pm KST) KBS Music Bank broadcast
  • December 7
    • (3:30 pm KST) MBC Show! Music Core broadcast
    • (7 pm KST) OBSESSION fansign at Whitewave Art Center in Seocho
    • (9 pm KST) Knowing Bros guest appearance (six members)
  • December 8 (3:50 pm KST) SBS Inkigayo broadcast
  • December 12 (7:30 pm KST) OBSESSION fansign at SMTOWN Coex Artium
  • January 3 (6 pm KST) Workman YouTube series – Jang Sungkyu as EXO’s manager

Are you ready for EXO’s grand return?


The first group photo is out! EXO’s official Spotify account has been updated with this brand new “Obsession” teaser, featuring the group in their EXO concept.

Meanwhile, there is still no news from SM Entertainment on EXO’s comeback schedule, except for the previously announced EXO THE STAGE and EXO THE PLACE events (D-8).

The comeback date and time are still unchanged, so the question is: when can we expect the remaining teasers? Let’s wait and see what happens.

D-2 (November 25)

It has been reported that EXO’s comeback press event, scheduled for November 27 at 11 am KST, is officially canceled.

The album release (November 27 at 6 pm) has not been postponed as of yet.

Source (1)

D-3 (November 24)

(11:15 pm KST)

In light of recent events, EXO has posted the following announcement regarding the teaser release schedule:

In other words, the MV teaser and group teasers scheduled to drop at midnight will be postponed.

Stay tuned for the updated schedule.

(6 pm KST)

With only three days to go until EXO’s comeback and ten days before the OBSESSION Ver. of their 6th LP drops, we found out more about this version’s contents.

The third album version includes:

  • the cover (A or B)
  • CD
  • lyric book
  • photo book (EXO or X-EXO)
  • 1 folded poster
    • out of six EXO vs. X-EXO posters on EXODEUX
  • 1 random poster
    • out of seven: EXO individual reward content on EXODEUX or group photo
  • 1 postcard (out of 7)
  • 1 random photocard (out of 12).

D-4 (November 23)

(6 pm KST)

The people have spoken and EXO are the winners! Suho came out victorious after the sixth battle of EXODEUX with 5,053,049 (62.4%) social media points.

Let’s see if EXO and X-EXO have a chance to face off one last time with the group teasers on Monday…

Meanwhile, SM shared more official pre-order links for the third version of EXO’s sixth album – the OBSESSION version – to be released on December 4.

(12 am KST)

According to the official teaser schedule, today is the last day of bonus contents…or as we prefer to call it: SUHO vs. SUHØ – The Visual Attack Vol. 2.

Suho is still beating Suhø on EXODEUX, where the current score is 4,084,060 to 2,507,701; and Junmyeon is busy promoting both sides on his personal Instagram.

Next week, on Monday (Nov. 25), the group teaser images and the music video teaser will be out, so it’s safe to say the fandom will implode. Just imagine seeing all the X-EXO and EXO members together! Goosebumps.

Stay tuned for more.

D-5 (November 22)

(9 am KST)

EXO have revealed more details about the next two B-sides on the OBSESSION tracklist.

Track 6 “Baby You Are” is a dance pop song with some elements of folk, while “Non Stop” (Track 7) is a funky dance song that includes brass and guitar sounds. And, as you can see, both deal with the theme of love:

It has been an eventful day already, as the group also announced three year-end concerts in Seoul. How are you doing, EXO-L?

(12 am KST)

The final day of individual battles brings us the epic confrontation between EXO’s and X-EXO’s leaders, and their combined power is sure to bring everyone to their knees.

EXO’s Suho

X-EXO’s Suhø

They are here in all their red-haired and shirtless glory! How are we supposed to pick our favorite this time? Would you rather be saved by Suho or snatched by Suhø the devil? CHOICES.

You can follow the score on EXODEUX until tomorrow (Nov. 22) at 6 pm. We have a feeling this might be a close one!

In addition, check out the rest of EXO and X-EXO teasers by swiping left below – because these photos are simply too good to only provide the links… Thank us later.

D-6 (November 21)

(6 pm KST)

EXO have just won their fifth consecutive battle, and effectively – with only Suho’s individual teasers left – the SNS war of EXODEUX.

Chen’s victory, much like the previous ones, was overwhelming, as 62.5% of fans decided that angsty permtastic Jongdae is superior to his X-EXO counterpart. Here is the photo of Chen available now on the EXODEUX website as your reward:

But don’t worry! We’ll still get to enjoy Chën’s excellence in the group teasers and, of course, the “Obsession” MV.

Finally, EXO’s and X-EXO’s leaders shall face off tomorrow. Have they saved the best for last? Find out at midnight.

(12 am KST)

Another bonus content day is upon us, and it’s a good thing too, because there is no way we’ve had enough of the exquisite and powerful visuals of Chen².

Meanwhile, the situation on EXODEUX remains unchanged, as EXO’s Chen is in the lead over X-EXO’s Chën with the score of 4,140,888 to 2,555,702.

D-7 (November 20)

(9 am KST)

After revealing more information about B-side tracks “Trouble” and “Jekyll” on Monday, EXO has now introduced the next two songs on the OBSESSION album: “Groove” (Track 4) and “Ya Ya Ya” (Track 5).

Also (according to a notice on the Lysn app), “Ya Ya Ya” samples the song “You’re The One” by the American R&B vocal trio SWV (Sisters With Voices), reinterpreted in EXO’s signature style. This track has an addictive sing-along chorus that incorporates a heavy 808 bass.
Meanwhile, “Groove” is a dance song that creates a dreamlike mood with its rhythmical chorus including string and flute sounds.

Which of the first five tracks do you think will be your favorite, based on their descriptions?

(12 am KST)

With only a week to go until the comeback of the year, the penultimate battle of EXODEUX has begun and it’s arguably the most anticipated one since the release of the concept trailer – CHEN vs. CHËN!

And while curly Chen (yes, permDae is back!) is somehow looking both soft and tough in all black…

Chën is ready to wreck your bias list with that slick hairstyle, white and red mascara, lip chain, and the overall smoldering look in red.

This is one of those rare moments when you wouldn’t say “Not today, Satan”, but rather: “Yes, please!” Chen’s X-EXO double is on a whole other level.

Check out more (quite literally) lit X-EXO ver. photos here, and the rest of the EXO teasers over here.

Can Chën finally get X-EXO their first win? Fingers crossed and let’s wait and see…

D-8 (November 19)

(6 pm KST)

Well, apparently EXO are winning this war, as they just scored their fourth win with Baekhyun, who beat his X-EXO counterpart with the final score of 6,511,594 (62.4%) to 3,920,781 (37.6%).

Guess the only way of witnessing the ground-breaking visuals of X-EXO members in photos like the one above will be by getting the X-EXO version of OBSESSION.

(9 am KST)

EXO has announced two special comeback events!

The “Obsession” stage will be revealed for the first time on November 29 as part of EXO THE STAGE (filmed at Bitmaru Broadcasting Center in Ilsan), where the group will showcase both the EXO and the X-EXO concept and performance.

On the other hand, EXO THE PLACE is meant to be a special location in Itaewon where fans will be able to – from December 9 onward – enjoy OBSESSION album contents and jacket photos, see the set of the music video, its outfits, and more.

It looks like SM is going all out for EXO’s comeback for the first time in a while… There is even talk of a world tour, so stay tuned for updates!

(12 am KST)

The world has been blessed with more Byunty (not to mention Baekhyun’s forehead) in today’s bonus clips:

We can’t help but notice that Baekhyun’s double looks more ethereal rather than scary, unlike the previously revealed X-EXO members. The EXODEUX poster also looks different, as the flag logo is missing, a flash of light can be seen in the middle, Baëkhyun has no bruises or scars on his face, etc.

It’s possible that Baekhyun has a special role to play this comeback, much like he did in the “Monster” music video… What do you think it is?

D-9 (November 18)

(4 pm KST)

EXO-Ls, if you thought that choosing between the EXO and X-EXO album versions was difficult, we have bad news for you: EXO’s sixth full album will also include a third OBSESSION Ver. which comes out on December 4 (YES24 link).

In addition, the group has revealed more details on Track 2 and Track 3 from OBSESSION. And while EXO refers to the group as “K-POP King” (no discussion there), X-EXO once again uses the possessive “Our”.

So, whose album is this really? Are EXO and X-EXO just two sides of the same coin? The anticipation is killing us!

(12 am KST)

The white-haired gods are finally here! Baekhyun faces off against his double in the latest “Obsession” teasers, and both versions took our collective breath away.

EXO’s Baekhyun

X-EXO’s Baëkhyun

To the person who chose that face chain for Baëkhyun: you are a genius and we salute you!

Make sure to check out the rest of Baekhyun’s gorgeous concept images on the following links: EXO (3) and X-EXO (3).

Keep up with this battle on EXODEUX – until November 19 at 6 pm – and let us know who you are rooting for in the comments.

D-10 (November 17)

SM shared the album details for EXO’s OBSESSION LP.

As we already know, there is an EXO and X-EXO version of the album, and each will include:

  • the cover (EXO or X-EXO)
  • CD
  • lyric book
  • six photo books
  • one folded poster (out of 6)
  • one initial-only poster (out of 7)
  • one photo slide (out of 6)
  • one random photocard (out of 12).

Have you ordered your album yet? Which version will you choose?

You can check the pre-order links further down in this article.

D-11 (November 16)

(6 pm KST)

Aeris have made their choice and EXO is the winning team once again!

It’s 3:0 after Sehun beat Sehůn with the score of 6,519,438 (64.7%) to 3,556,194 (35.3%).

Here is the stunning photocard of Sehun, available on EXODEUX now:

According to the official teaser schedule, the fourth battle begins on Monday, November 18, and going by EXO’s Pathcode order from 2015 (which fits the teaser release pattern so far), the leader could be the next one to be revealed…

Stick around to find out!

(12 am KST)

Today, we got some bonus clips of Sehun and his doppelgänger to get us ready for the final stage of the SEHUN vs. SEHŮN social media battle.

The final results come out in 18 hours and the current score is 5,164,866 to 2,846,814 for EXO. That’s quite a gap, but Sehůn’s eyes in the clip above definitely say: “Vote for me or else”, and who are we to argue with him?

D-12 (November 15)

(11 am KST)

EXO has revealed the full tracklist for their sixth LP OBSESSION :

  1. Obsession
  2. Trouble
  3. 지킬 (“Jekyll“)
  4. 춤 (“Groove“)
  5. Ya Ya Ya
  6. Baby You Are
  7. Non Stop
  8. 오늘도 (“Day After Day“)
  9. 나비효과 (“Butterfly Effect“)
  10. “Obsession” (Chinese version).

According to Naver, the 10-track album includes songs by global producers like Dem Jointz (who previously produced EXO’s “Cloud 9” and worked with Rihanna), LDN Noise (the duo behind SuperM‘s “Jopping”, among many other SM hits), Kenzie, Yoo Youngjin, and other talented artists.

The expectations for OBSESSSION just got even higher!

(12 am KST)

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the historic battle of the maknaes!

EXO’s Sehun
X-EXO’s Sehůn

EXO-Ls should be used to the visual attacks by now, but what can possibly prepare you for this?? Also, cropped tops seem to be a theme for X-EXO at this point, and we are here for it.

Keep up with the stats on EXODEUX until tomorrow at 6 pm KST. More teasers can be found here:

So, who do you choose this time?

D-13 (November 14)

(6 pm KST)

Another day, another win for EXO. Chanyeol beat his X-EXO counterpart with the score of 6,450,623 (64.15%) to 3,605,410 (35.85%).

And here is the exclusive photo you can find on EXODEUX as your prize:

(12 am KST)

Bonus clips of EXO’s and X-EXO’s Chanyeol have been released at midnight KST.

Choose your fighter: puppy-eyed Yeolie or about-to-ruin-your-life Chanyeøl… It’s harder than you’d think!

The SNS battle is still under way, though, so head over to Twitter/Instagram if you want to tip the scales in X-EXO’s favor. The current score is:

  • CHANYEOL – 5,333,211
  • CHANYEØL – 2,905,410.

D-14 (November 13)

The second battle of EXODEUX starts now!

Are you team Chanyeol?

Or team Chanyeøl?

Get you a Nation’s Boyfriend who can do both, right? Check out more jaw-dropping teasers of the two Chanyeols on Instagram (EXO & X-EXO) and Twitter (EXO & X-EXO).

Remember that real-time scores will be updated on the website every six hours until November 14 at 6 pm KST. Your comments, likes and/or retweets count as votes.

Do you think that X-EXO will prevail this time?

D-15 (November 12)

(6 pm KST)

The final results are in: after 42 hours of the social media battle between Kai and Kāi, the winner is Kai of EXO!

He won by a landslide: 7,469,299 (67.25%) to 3,638,145 (32.75%).

The above photo is the reward content you can see on the EXODEUX website if you click on Kai’s side on the original poster.

In addition, SM Entertainment finally shared the official pre-order links for EXO’s sixth full album OBSESSION this morning, which you can check out below.

Are you ready for the next member to be revealed at midnight? Who do you think it will be?

(12 am KST)

Today is bonus clip day, and we got one of Kai

…as well as one of Kāi.

The battle on EXODEUX lasts until 6 pm KST, so keep liking, retweeting, and commenting on both Twitter and Instagram.
The current score is 5,889,868 to 2,840,687 for EXO, but it seems that even Kai likes the X-EXO version of himself better!

Can you blame him? That leather crop jacket (the whole look, really) is already iconic.

D-16 (November 11)

(10 am KST)

More details about EXO’s upcoming title track “Obsession” have been revealed!

According to media reports, “Obsession” is a hip hop dance song with a repeating vocal sample, resembling a spell or incantation, and a prominent heavy beat. The lyrics are formatted like a direct monologue and talk about the willingness to break out of the darkness of a torturous obsession.

It sounds like EXO is taking us back to the “MAMA” era, but kicking it up a notch and showcasing how much they’ve matured since 2012.

We can’t wait to hear it!

(12 am KST)

It’s the first day of individual teasers, and EXO are starting off strong with a total of 11 teasers for KAI vs. KĀI!

You can follow the real-time battle on the EXODEUX website (from your mobile device) now! The first results come out at 6 am KST and will be updated every six hours.

This is EXO‘s Kai…

…and meet Kai of X-EXO:

Make sure to check out six more teaser images – three for EXO and three for X-EXO – on Twitter and Instagram. We are feeling overwhelmed already!

Whose team are you on?

D-18 (November 9)

SM Entertainment is launching the EXODEUX mobile promo page that will show a real-time SNS battle between EXO and X-EXO, based on the number of likes, retweets, and comments on each account’s posts. The winning team will be rewarded with extra content on the site.

Click here to find out when these battles will take place – that is the website where the scores will ultimately be counted and the reward content posted.

Get ready for the biggest social media war, EXO-L, coming as soon as the first teasers drop on November 11!

Are you team EXO or team X-EXO? Or, you know, why not both?

D-19 (November 8)

The countdown on EXO’s official website, set up exactly a week ago, has ended to reveal the comeback schedule

…and a dramatic “EXODEUX” concept trailer!

The world is on fire (and so are EXO-Ls), the members are looking dangerous and captivating with half and half make-up, and we cannot get over the visual attack we’ve been served just now.

This cinematic trailer also features familiar EXO imagery like the tree of life and their superpower symbols – all belonging to the concept the group has been sticking to (in one way or another) since debut. Pre-debut even! Remember “History” and “What Is Love”, everyone?

In keeping with the theme of #EXODEUX (deux is French for “two”), they have also created a second Twitter account under the name EXOonearewe, suggesting this whole other EXO (ĖXØ) we’ll be introduced to in the future… Or have we already met them? Nothing is as it seems anymore.

Let the fight between EXO and X-EXO begin! Are you ready?

D-21 (November 6)

EXO have just surprised us with an exclusive clip of their dance practice! It was posted on Twitter and Instagram at 11:27 pm KST, to represent the release date for “Obsession”: November 27.

The OBSESSION LP is available on Amazon starting today! You can also check this link for more information on where to pre-order the album.

Check out the boys messing around and working hard in the practice room (with renowned SM choreographer Mihawk Back) below.

And no, your eyes are not deceiving you; that really was Chanyeol biting Chen’s butt… Just EXO things.

We can’t wait to see the full choreography, how about you?

D-23 (November 4)

EXO are coming back on November 27 at 6 pm KST with their sixth LP OBSESSION, and today we got the first intriguing teasers!

It seems that EXO are going back to their alien concept, as this video of a “Report °6” describes them as exotic beings, possibly from different dimensions or parallel universes.

The main text goes as follows:

Date: 2019-11-27
Subject: EXO
Report Contents: Anomaly Detection

Questionable beings have been spotted around the globe, causing abnormal activities. It was witnessed by many that these beings, radiating red energy, move and create phenomena beyond human level. From research, it has been confirmed that there are a total of six of these exotic beings. They are assumed to be similar in form with <EXO>, a being that has been tracked for long now.

Below we have close-up thermal camera shots of the six members: CASE-88 (Kai), CASE-61 (Chanyeol), CASE-01 (Suho), CASE-94 (Sehun), CASE-21 (Chen), and CASE-04 (Baekhyun).

Finally, at the bottom, there is a warning:

A messy world order
Anomalies due to twisted orbits

The twist here is the EXO vs. X-EXO premise, that could possibly pit the members against their own (evil?) doppelgängers – since we see their names written twice, in different ways. So, the dichotomies would be:

  • SUHO vs. SUHØ
  • CHEN vs. CHËN
  • KAI vs. KĀI

The group also shared pictures of the album name and title track – “Obsession” – against two types of backgrounds that reflect the flag designs we’ve seen on their new logo.


This concept looks so well thought-out and connected to previous EXO eras. So, let the theories begin!

Stay tuned for daily updates.

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