EXO-SC Become K-Pop’s Best-Selling Subunit + KOMCA Registration

EXO’s Sehun and Chanyeol have officially been registered as authors and composers under the Korea Music Copyright Association!

Currently, four out of six songs from their debut album What a Life have been listed under KOMCA:

  1. “Just us 2”
  2. “Closer to you”
  3. “Roller coaster”
  4. “Daydreamin'”

This further establishes EXO-SC as one of the most successful subunits ever. They have already surpassed EXO-CBX in terms of album sales, making them the most successful EXO unit as well!

Finally, check out a compiled list of their many achievements below, courtesy of @OhSehunGlobal and @ChanyeolGlobal on Twitter.

Congratulations to EXO-SC!!

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