EXO-SC Hold Mini Concert At Fever Festival + Comeback Spoiler?

The 2019 Fever Music Festival closed tonight, October 27, with a concert at Seoul’s Olympic Park velodrome. The lineup included groups like MAMAMOO, EXO-SC, AB6IX and Celeb Five, as well as soloists Sunmi, Ha Sungwoon, Jung Joonil, Beenzino, Heize, and more.

Sehun and Chanyeol had their first ever stage (outside of the “EXplOration” tour) at the festival as the final act of the night! They performed a total of six songs: five from their first mini album What a life as well as last year’s unit track “We Young”.

Before their performance, EXO-SC were interviewed on stage by MCs Jo Seho, Kim Shinyoung, and Nam Chanhee. Apparently, it was a surprise interview, as Sehun said:

Honestly, we just found out that we were going to do an interview before the performance. It’s flustering… I’m very happy to be invited by Fever Festival, and I see that many fans who love us came, so I want to tell them I’m very thankful.

Then Chanyeol added:

Just like Sehun said, I want to say thank you to the fans and NCSoft [company] who invited us. I often thought about wanting to perform [as EXO-SC] on stage, so this is a precious opportunity.
The weather is so cold right? I hope it gets hot [with our performance]!

The hosts also asked about the possibility of a unit concert, but Sehun replied that they were focusing on activities with EXO for the time being. (We can’t wait for that comeback!)

However, EXO-SC turned Fever Festival into their own concert, as they performed almost all of their songs and the audience was full of EXO-Ls who created the most beautiful silver ocean.
It’s already a well-known fact that the members of EXO can make any event feel like an EXO concert. Chen’s recent performance at the Super Concert is another good example of this.

So, Sehun and Chanyeol first got the crowd going with their debut song “What a life”, followed by “Closer to you”. After a short ment, they performed “Borderline” and “Roller coaster”. They took another break, during which they talked to the fans and joked around with each other, before performing “Just us 2”.

During the first ment, Chanyeol gave us a choreography spoiler for EXO’s upcoming song! It was only a quick move because Sehun said that they will get scolded otherwise. Enough to peak our curiosity, though…

The atmosphere at the Olympic Park velodrome was amazing, the fan chants incredibly loud, and the boys looked like they were truly enjoying themselves. Following the “Just us 2” stage, they pretended to bid goodbye to the audience, that started to chant “Encore! Encore!” in turn. Both Sehun and Chanyeol teased the fans that it’s not going to happen, but later turned around to perform the unit’s pre-debut track “We Young” as their last song. Obviously, the crowd went wild once again!

But the fans in attendance were not the only ones excited about this performance. EXO-Ls all around the world kept tweeting about EXO-SC’s first stage, making their appearance at the Fever Festival the No. 2 trending topic worldwide.

Also, the boys may have given us a spoiler for EXO’s comeback in the end! These were their final words before leaving the stage:

We’re gonna see you really soon.


This week, we will… Ahh, typo, typo! Byeee


The suspense is killing us!

What do you think is coming? How did you like EXO-SC’s performance? Let us know in the comments.

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