[EXO] Sehun Shows Support For Baekhyun And Kai As SuperM Members

Sehun is proving once again that he is the sweetest maknae!

On September 4, Baekhyun posted a picture of Kai and himself in front of a food truck that their fellow EXO member Sehun sent them in order to show his support for their debut as SuperM.

The message on the banners with Baekhyun’s and Kai’s photos read: “Sehunnie is rooting for you”. We stan a supportive maknae! In turn, Baekhyun put the following caption:

Thank you, our youngest Sehun-ah!❤️ #loyalty #KaiBaekhyun #SuperM

EXO-Ls, let us all take a page from Sehun’s book and be loyal supporters of Baekhyun and Kai in their new group🤗

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