[EXO] Suho Shows How Much He Misses Xiumin

It’s emo hours for EXO-L after Suho leaves a comment on Xiumin’s last selfie that he posted on Instagram before leaving for the army.

After finishing their first “EXplOration” concert in Manila, Junmyeon must have had EXO’s oldest hyung on his mind, as he left a simple “I miss you” on his last IG post. Same, Suho, same…😭

Dad-joke hyung line forever, am I right?💙 Check out Suho’s recent comment spree on Instagram here.

Chanyeol also surprised everyone yesterday by posting the following fan art on his IG Story:

Yes, Chanyeol, we agree: EXO will always be OT9!:’)

How are you guys coping with missing Xiumin, D.O., and Lay? We hope our tomorrow’s article on EXplOration in Manila will help a little…Stay tuned!

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