EXO’s Chen Announces Marriage And Baby In Handwritten Letter + SM Confirms


SM Entertainment confirmed that Chen will be getting married to his non-celebrity girlfriend at a private ceremony (first statement) and that the couple is expecting a baby (second statement).

Hello, this is SM Entertainment.

Chen has come to be in a precious relationship and will be married.

The bride is a non-celeb, so the wedding is planned to be attended only by members of the two families.

In accordance with the families’ wishes, the wedding ceremony and everything related to it will be carried out in private. We ask for fans’ and reporters’ kind understanding.

Chen will continue to give back and show an unchanged hardworking side of him as an artist in the future.

We ask you to send Chen many blessings and congratulations.
Thank you.

It’s true that Chen’s bride-to-be is expecting. Since she is not a celebrity, we prefer not to disclose any information related to the pregnancy, such as the due date or how far along she is.

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Original article

On January 13, EXO’s Chen shared a handwritten letter on the Lysn app announcing that he is in a relationship and engaged to be married, also hinting at his fiancée’s pregnancy.

Hello, it’s Chen.

There’s something I need to tell you, so I am writing this. I am nervous because I don’t know how to start this letter, but I first want to honestly explain [the situation] to my fans who have given me so much love.

I have a girlfriend whom I want to spend the rest of my life with.
I am worried because I don’t know how this will affect my members and company who are always by my side, and especially my fans who are always proud of me. I didn’t want them to get shocked by the sudden news if they found out through media, so I’m sharing this letter.

I have been talking with my members and the agency about how to deliver this news. [But] during that time, a blessing came my way. The things I discussed with the members and the label are no longer possible, so I felt a bit embarrassed and lost, but then I remembered this was a blessing and it gave me strength.

I was wondering when and how to tell you the news. As I couldn’t hold it in any longer, I worked up my courage [to tell you].

I am really thankful to my members for genuinely congratulating me after hearing the news. I also deeply thank the fans who have given me so much love even though I am lacking.

I will never forget this feeling of gratitude, continue working hard, and return the love you have given me.

Thank you always.

We wish Chen and his future wife all the best!

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