EXO’s D.O. Posts Message To Fans On His Birthday

Today, January 12, marks the 28th birthday (Korean age) of EXO’s dear main vocalist Do Kyungsoo, who has been serving in the military since July 1, 2019.

As you probably know, D.O. is not really a social media kind of guy, so it’s hard to keep up with him when he is not with the group. However, today he checked in with fans through the Lysn app to thank them for celebrating his birthday and express well wishes for the new year.

Hello, this is EXO’s D.O.
EXO-L, how are you?
I wanted to say thank you to everyone who wished me well for my birthday. Happy New Year, I will be happy if all of you could be healthier in 2020. I’ll become healthier too.
Everyone, please gain strength and eat a lot of delicious food. Thank you!

D.O. also recently made an appearance at EXO’s year-end concert. Such little moments are very precious during this time, right, EXO-L?

Happy birthday to Kyungsoo!

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