EXO’s Kai Announces Solo Debut In 2020

In a recent interview with the Chinese fashion blogger Gogoboi, posted on Weibo on January 25, EXO’s Kai finally confirmed that he will be releasing solo music for the first time!

Rumors of Kai’s official solo debut have been spreading since last year, following many hints he was giving throughout the “EXplOration” tour and especially at the year-end encore concerts, where he performed two solo songs: “Confession” and “Spoiler”.

During this particular interview, which took place in Milan after his appearance at the Gucci fashion show, Kai was directly asked whether he has any plans for solo promotions in 2020, and he replied:

There are indeed plans. A lot of fans have been anticipating it, but this is the first time I am saying [announcing] this clearly. I hope everybody can look forward to it.

You heard him, EXO-L – get ready for the long-awaited debut of Kai the soloist this year!

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I Hope i can see Kai Wearing a Ballet Dress on his Solo Album💕💕👍


i hope xiumin and suho will have a solo album not just a under station song

xiumin and suho do solo. They have sing for several OST instead of publish a solo album. I ‘ve listen Xiumin’s “You Are The One”, I really recommand you to hear it. He also debuts as an actor in this OST.

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