Fans Criticize JYPE For Giving Sana And Nayeon Inappropriate Stage Outfits

TWICE are currently in the middle of their comeback promotions for “Feel Special” and fans are indeed blessed with amazing stage performances every day.

The group’s comeback stage was presented last Thursday on M Countdown and fans have been praising TWICE members for both their singing and the energetic dance moves of the new title song.

However, many have noticed how uncomfortable Sana feels in some of the outfits that she was given for the music show performances.

She first wore a very short dress during their M Countdown stage and you can see her pulling it down at 02:15 in the video below:

But that wasn’t the only instance of the Japanese member feeling uneasy on stage; she was faced with the same issue on last Friday’s episode of Music Bank

About 30 seconds into the video, Sana is seen pulling the dress down again while doing her best to keep up with the challenging choreography. 

Many fans noticed it and complained about the agency’s stylists giving Sana too revealing outfits not only for this comeback, but during TWICE’s previous promotions as well. 

In addition to this, there was a problem with Nayeon’s skirt during their performance on MBN’s Hero Concert that took place on September 27.

When one of Nayeon’s fansites shared close-up photos from the concert, everyone noticed that the side slits of her skirt were torn. However, the fabric was already ripped when Nayeon went on stage which led fans to the conclusion that the staff had done it before in order to facilitate her dancing. Many are now wondering why didn’t the stylist sew up the stitches so that it doesn’t look messy and unprofessional.

Fans also pointed out that, with all the money that the “Nation’s Girl Group” has earned for the label so far, the girls deserve better styling in general. 

You can see the fansite’s close-ups here:

What do you think about this issue?

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