Financial Experts Predict Bright Future For JYPE

According to today’s report from Evest Investment & Securities, JYP Entertainment is set to grow more towards the end of the year and maintain stable stock prices.

The experts from the investment agency said that JYPE’s various groups and projects all contribute to the financial growth while TWICE is definitely leading in terms of profit.

The group is set to make a comeback on September 23 (you can check out all the teasers here) and already on October 23 they are set to embark on their Japanese tour that will extend into 2020. 

So far, TWICE have sold more than 4 million physical album copies which made them the top girl group in terms of physical sales. According to the report, the girls might easily sell more than 2 million additional album copies once they release both Korean and Japanese albums in September and November this year, respectively.

The Japanese tour is expected to attract more than 410,000 fans this year, and the number represents the growth of 130% compared to the previous tour. How impressive is that?

Apart from TWICE, their hoobaes are also steadily making their way not only in Korea, but also abroad. Stray Kids are reportedly preparing for another comeback this year with special promotions planned in the United States.

Meanwhile, ITZY have successfully wrapped up their promotions for “ICY” and got their 21st music show win. The girls are also planning to make their second comeback before the end of the year and there is a possibility for them to hold a tour as well.

Lastly, JYPE’s long-awaited Nizi Project is set to start in October with auditions being held in both Japan and the US. Twenty talented girls will be given the opportunity to become JYPE trainees and compete for their spot in the final debut group that is set to appear on a survival show in April 2020.

JYP Entertainment surely has many more projects in store for us and we can’t wait for the label to confirm the reports.

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