First Court Hearing Between Lai Kuan Lin and Cube Entertainment

The first court hearing involving former Wanna One‘s member Lai Kuan Lin and his label Cube Entertainment took place today, August 23, at Seoul’s Central District Court. Kuan Lin thanked his fans for showing their concern for him while his lawyer further made a statement regarding Kuan Lin’s Korean promotions: “Nothing has been decided but Kuan Lin has no intention of giving up on Korean promotions.”

If you haven’t been following the story, here’s a recap of Kuan Lin’s dispute with Cube Entertainment. 

Back on July 23, Kuan Lin submitted through his lawyer a request to nullify his exclusive contract with Cube Entertainment and claimed: “Cube Entertainment signed over Lai Kuan Lin’s management rights while promoting in China without agreement from the artist or his family.” The agency, on the other hand, stated: “We properly explained and received agreement from Lai Kuan Lin in all of his activities and contract deals.” Fans quickly showed support for Wanna One’s maknae and demanded Cube Entertainment to issue an official statement and clarify the situation. They also claimed that the agency neglected Kuan Lin’s health during his intensive promotions in China that included filming the drama “A Little Thing Called First Love”, numerous CFs, interviews and photo shoots in various locations in mainland China. 

The situation looked even worse for Cube Entertainment after Kuan Lin’s father came forward with reasons for terminating the contract through Taiwanese media. He stated: “I’m grateful to Cube Entertainment for giving Kuan Lin this great opportunity, but there were some problems that arose while working together. It started with the contract, but now there are also issues regarding my child’s health. As a father, I want my son to work in a good environment. Thank you for your concern.”

No statements have been issued after the first hearing yet but we hope for Kuan Lin to solve the legal dispute as soon as possible and that he goes back to what he loves doing the most – music.

Stay tuned for further updates! 

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