First Trailer For ‘5bros’ Starring Baekhyun Is Out

At last, Baekhyun is appearing in a variety show after a long time!

On September 2, JTBC shared a preview video of the first episode of the upcoming variety show 5bros. The five “brothers” who are part of the cast – Park Joonhyung, Seo Janghoon, Kim Jongkook, Joo Woojae, and Byun Baekhyun – are introduced in the trailer by the maknae himself: EXO’s Baekyhun! Check it out below.

Hello, I’m the maknae of “5 Eccentric Brothers”, Baekhyun! I will introduce my lovely hyungs!
1. Overly excited – Joon hyung
2. Rational and sensitive – Janghoon hyung
3. Talks too much – Jongkook hyung
4. Frail oddball – Woojae hyung
5. Undaunted – maknae Baekhyun

The pilot episode will air during the Chuseok holiday, September 12, at 11 PM KST.

5bros is a talk show that allows the members to have logical discussions as well as baseless, stubborn arguments, so it should be amusing to see these five “eccentric brothers” of various ages engage in competitive debates. PD Yoo Gihwan (who also works on Knowing Bros) directed this new variety show.

What do you guys think of this concept? Do you think 5bros could be picked up as a permanent show?

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