Former X1 Member Hyeongjun Shares A Letter To Fans

On January 8, right after Minhee posted his letter, Hyeongjun shared his thoughts and feelings as well.

Hi One It, it’s Hyeongjun.

I first want to apologize to all the One It who cheered for me and supported me.

I’ve always wanted to repay all the love I’ve received from you and I feel regretful now.

You made me think “Ah, I’m being loved”, “I’m doing well” and I am really thankful for that.

It feels like I could shine thanks to you.

Although all the members will now go their separate ways, please support the all the members in the future.

Thank you to all the Swing Entertainment staff who always took care of us.

Even the short promotions period felt like a dream come true and I’ll never forget all the people, memories and love [that I’ve received].

I was very happy for being able to meet One It.

Every day with you was precious – thank you.

I want to thank you once again and apologize one more time.

I hope I’ll come back even better.

I really love you a lot, One It.

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