Former X1 Leader Seungwoo Writes A Letter To Fans

On January 9, Han Seungwoo, former leader of X1, posted his letter to fans.

Hi, it’s Seungwoo.

First, I want to apologize to One It for delivering such shocking news through a news article.

I learned a lot while promoting and all the time I spent with the members made me happy and grateful.

I want to thank my X1 members who believed in me as their leader, I’m both grateful and I feel sorry.

I was able to stand on the stage only thanks to the fans.

Thank you for all that time.

I thought a lot about how it was possible to meet so many One It and receive so much love.

My precious One it, you made the ordinary me feel special and I am very grateful for all the happy moments.

Once again I want to thank One It and the members for creating the memories that surpassed my dreams.

I will always treasure those memories.

Thanks to all the Swing Entertainment staff who worked so hard all the time.

Although it’s scary, I decided to write this letter to you.

I’ll become an even better Seungwoo for all the people who supported me and cheered for me.

Thank you


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