Former X1 Member Dongpyo Writes A Letter To Fans

On January 9, former X1 member Son Dongpyo posted a letter to his fans on Fancafe.

Hi, it’s Son Dongpyo.

First to my beloved One It..!
Whether it’s been a long or short period of time, thanks for all the love.

[Because of you] it was possible for me to spend all that time happily.

I also want to thank all the Swing Entertainment staff and all other staff members who have helped us on the way.

I really want to thank One It who have helped me create memories and experiences I’ll never forget thanks to all the love you gave me.

I’ll keep doing my best to be able to hold your hands in the future.

From now on as well, let’s be successful by taking little steps together.

My lovely One It, thank you and I love you.

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