Former X1 Member Junho Posts A Letter To Fans

Today, January 9, another former member of X1, Junho, posted a handwritten letter to fans.

Hi, it’s Junho.

The time I got to spend with the fans who have always supported me felt like a dream and I was happy.

I realized that the love I have received from you can give me so much strength.

I’ve worked hard to give strength to all the fans who supported me while I was promoting with the members and I’ve learned so much.

Every day I would think how grateful I was to have hyungs, friends and dongsaengs.

I’ll never forget the time we spent together crying and laughing.

I am really grateful to all the Swing Entertainment staff who worked so hard.

I’ll support all the members on their individual paths.

Thank you for 2019 that seemed like a dream come true and I hope to see you all again under better circumstances.

I love you a lot, One It

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