(G)I-DLE 500 Days Since Debut

Today, September 13 is a very important day. Not only is it Chuseok, but it is also 500 days since we’ve first heard “Ginagin neowa i bameul neowa ireoke neowa” and promptly fell in love with Soyeon, Miyeon, Minnie, Shuhua, Yuqi and Soojin.

On May 2 2018 the girls released their first mini-album I Am and the MV for their iconic debut title-track “Latata”. The girls definitely proved they weren’t a one hit wonder by having three successful comebacks in the past year and a half, with another one set for late October as part of their participation in Queendom.

Speaking of Queendom, the girls are the only rookie group in the competition but that didn’t stop them from taking first place after the initial performances. Legends only. If you still haven’t seen their “Latata” remix, shame on you.

If this doesn’t scream royalty, we don’t know what does.

Here’s to another 500 successful days, girls! Neverland love you!

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