(G)I-DLE I-TALK – The Story Behind “LION” + Thoughts on ‘Queendom’

Today, November 9, (G)I-DLE uploaded the first part of their “Lion” I-TALK, and we found out some very interesting things.

At the beginning of the video we see Miyeon and Yuqi bickering about who the real princess is, before Yuqi opens up about being afraid of sleeping alone in a room.

According to her, the girls recently moved into a new dorm and now they all have seperate rooms. Yuqi, the absolute cutie that she is, explained to us how she only got three hours of sleep the night before the MV shoot because she couldn’t stop thinking about scary things. She even went so far as to say that she thinks it might be a phobia.

Later on in the episode we found out how “LION” was born. Soyeon told the story of how she wanted to watch The Lion King but she couldn’t find the time due to her busy schedule, and so she named the song “LION”.

The leader also talked about how their participation on Queendom helped her show her dreams to a wider audience. On the other hand, Soojin saw the whole experience as a mission she had to complete and she admitted that sometimes it got burdensome. In the end she concluded that participating in the show was without a doubt a good idea, and we have to agree!

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