[(G)I-DLE] Minnie And Wengie Live Twitter Q&A

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you know that today, October 18, the Australian YouTuber and singer Wengie and our very own Minnie released their collab titled “Empire“. The song is an absolute bop, but we’re going to wait until they drop the MV at 10 pm KST today before we share our final thoughts.

At around 7 pm KST Wengie and Minnie went live on Twitter to answer some of their fans’ questions. They opened their broadcast by trying to decide whether they want to be called Wennie, Winnie or Mingie. At some point they made a joke that they should be referred to as Winnie, since they are winning. We absolutely love a good dad joke.

The first question they answered was what were their first impressions of each other. Wengie said she though Minnie was very sweet and cute, and that she was amazed by her dance skills. Minnie said she felt like she already knew Wengie because she had watched a lot of her YouTube videos. She said that Wengie is just as sweet as she though she was going to be.

The girls then teased us by talking about the MV. Minnie said her favorite outfit had to be the black one. We can see why that is. The two of them then told us that their MV took a whole day to film.

Somebody then asked about any future collabs, and Wengie said that Minnie’s schedule is too packed for that with all the Queendom filming and other responsibilities. Speaking of Queendom, Wengie praised (G)I-DLE’s performance yesterday. She said it gave her chills. We can fully relate.

After some Korean and Thai lessons from our multilingual queen Minnie, the girls talked about each other’s voices. Minnie said she likes Wengie’s voice because it’s soft but not weak, and Wengie in turn praised Minnies rap.

Somebody asked which (G)I-DLE song was their favorite. Minnie chose “Uh-Oh” because it was the first hip hop song they recorded, while Wengie chose “LATATA”.

One of the last questions was who else would they like to collaborate with. Wengie said she always admired Bruno Mars, and Minnie admitted that she would really like to get a shot to collab with the talented Troye Sivan, Wengie’s fellow Australian.

The girls also promised us a BTS video and asked us to give their “Empire” MV lots of love when it finally drops in 2 hours. Who are we to say no when two such beautiful ladies ask us something?

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