[(G)I-DLE] Minnie’s Surprise V Live – ‘Queendom’ And Thai Lesson

Another day, another V Live from out favorite girls. After Yuqi entertained us yesterday by playing her favorite music and talking about their experience on Mnet’s Queendom so far (click here for Yuqi’s V Live recap and here for Queendom Ep. 2 recap), today Minnie decided she needs some one-on-millions interaction with the fans.

Minnie told us she felt really tired due to their packed schedule but that everybody’s reaction to yesterday’s performance gave her strength to carry on.

Speaking of that performance, it already has more than one million views on YouTube. In our humble opinion, that’s like 99 million too little, so do what you can to rectify this injustice by watching the video again.

A fan asked Minnie if she would recommend learning Thai to anyone, and she very honestly said that she would never learn it if she wasn’t Thai. Then she gave us all a lesson in Thai alphabet and tones, and yeah, it sounds complicated.

She then called Yuqi who, being the sweetheart that she is, said she hopes everyone staying safe and out of typhoon Lingling’s way.

Later on in the video Miyeon joined her and then Minnie did the already-iconic “Lalalay” dance move with her braids. Sunmi would be proud.

Then Shuhua appeared out of nowhere and stole her phone and therefore, the spotlight. Anyway, after some more dancing around, all the girls left.

We have to say that we absolutely love a more active (G)I-DLE and we hope that this trend continues 🙂

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