[(G)I-DLE] Minnie Talks About Her First Solo Collab

Today, October 22, the 44th episode of (G)I-DLE’s I-TALK was uploaded, and we got to see how Minnie’s and Wengie’s first meeting went.

At the beginning of the video we were shown the behind the scenes of Wengie’s new YouTube video in which the two cuties played many popular K-Pop Idol Gameshow games. They were joined by another popular YouTuber Megan Bowen.

After that fun segment, the girls took us to their studio and we saw them recording their girl-power bop “Empire“.

Minnie admitted that she was nervous about recording a song fully in English, but that she was even more worried about recording the song in Korean because she had to practice it alone, while she received a song guide for the English version.

She also mentioned something that all bilingual and multilinugal people are well aware of – pronunciation in your non-native language can be very tricky, no matter how well you know all the rules.

Wengie praised Minnie for being so happy and energetic all the time, she compared her to sunshine, something we can all wholeheartedly agree on.

Minnie said she was very honored that Wengie chose her for this collab, but she felt sad that it happened at a time when her schedule is so busy and she couldn’t prepare for it as much as she wanted to.

I think we can all agree that both the song and the MV turned out absolutely fantastic! Good job Minnie!

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