[(G)I-DLE] Minnie X Wengie Collab Countdown

D-1 (October 17)

Today, 24 hours before “Empire” drops, we got the second MV teaser. These ladies did not come to play!

It’s safe to say nothing will never be the same after hearing Minnie rap “Put my face on the cash, it’s my empire”.

This fire track will be released tomorrow at 10 pm KST, are you excited?!

D-2 (October 16)

Behind the scenes queen Wengie came through for us today! Check out her latest post.

While all of us hoped we’d get another teaser today (sorry for the impatience, girls, but we’re already hooked on your song), we’re still grateful that we got something to tide us over until Friday.

The girls look like absolute queens sitting on their flowery thrones, don’t they? They couldn’t have chosen a more fitting name for their collab!

D-3 (October 15)

Today, October 15 at around 10 pm KST, we got the first teaser for Wengie and Minnie’s new song “Empire” which is set to drop on October 18.

In the 20-second video we see Wengie and Minnie looking like the badass queens that they are. The song sounds like a true bop already, and from what we’ve heard of the lyrics, it seems it will be a real girl-power boss a** b**** track.

We already have “Lay back let them, let them build my empire” stuck in our heads!

Stay tuned for all updates!

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