[(G)I-DLE] Miyeon and Minnie Surprise Vlive

Today at around 11 pm KST Miyeon and Minnie went on Vlive. If you missed it, you can see the video by following this link.

In the almost-hour-long Vlive, the girls talked about how they spent their free time. Both Minnie and Miyeon got to spend some time with their moms, which we already saw on their IG account.

Once again the girls proved just how close they were when Miyeon said she wanted to spend her next vacation at Minnie’s. Just imagine the photos we would get!

The queens of fan-service gave a Shuhua and Yuqi a quick call. The two thirds of the maknae line were somewhere together and what ensued was a few minutes of absolute giddiness of which we unfortunately didn’t understand much.

But, what is important is that the girls seem well-rested and happy. We can’t wait to see them on Mnet’s “Queendom” on August 29! Stay tuned for updates!

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