[(G)I-DLE] Miyeon And Minnie Talk Music On Idol Radio

Today, September 21, Miyeon and Minnie appeared on Idol Radio ep. 354. If you didn’t know, the last few episodes, including this one, were titled “Idol Playlist Special”, so the girls and the MC talked about their current favorite songs.

Before the song recommendations, though, the three of them chatted about (G)I-DLE’s recent time off. Minnie and Miyeon talked about how they spent their vacation. Minnie went home to Thailand for six days, while Miyeon visited Boracay, Philippines with her mom. She said she was in absolute awe with the beauty of the beaches and the ocean. If you remember, both girls posted photos from their vacations over on their IG profile.

The MC then asked them about their upcoming fanmeeting “Welcome to the Neverland”, scheduled for September 22. Minnie and Miyeon said they are working hard to make sure everything is perfect and that they are nervous. When the MC asked for some spoilers, the girls only said that they have many new performances ready and that the lucky fans will get to hear them perform cover songs from their trainee days.

The MC then finally steered the conversation into the subject of music. Miyeon said that she likes to listen to all kinds and genres and she admitted that when she finds a song she really likes, she’ll listen to it on repeat. Minnie said she’s guilty of that as well. They said that they have a similar taste in music – they both like sentimental songs. According to them, Yuqi’s taste in music is quite different from theirs – she likes exciting, upbeat songs, which we can totally see. Soyeon spends a lot of time listening to music and watching MVs, both Korean and foreign. Minnie says that’s how she draws inspiration for their songs.

The MC then asked them to describe their taste in music. Minnie said she likes dreamy songs, while Miyeon said that she, as the friendly member, likes comfy songs. The are beyond adorable.

It was finally time for them to pick the songs they wanted to share with all of us. They each got to pick four songs, and the last one they chose together.

Minnie’s first choice was “4:44″ by Park Bom ft. Wheein. She said that Park Bom has a beautiful voice and that especially loves this song because of the lyrics that go “dreamy, dreamy, dreamy” and she likes dreamy songs. She said that she knew this was the perfect song for her from the moment she heard that part. Speaking of Park Bom and Wheein, as you already know, (G)I-DLE, Park Bom, Mamamoo and three other girl group are currently participating in Mnet’s new show Queendom. If you haven’t been keeping up, don’t worry, you can find our recaps of the first four episodes right here – ep. 1, ep. 2, ep. 3 and ep. 4.

Miyeon’s first pick was “Her” by Cherry B. She praised the singer for having such a beautiful voice and great technique even though she is three years younger than Miyeon. She said that this has been her go to song ever since a friend recommended it to her three months ago. The MC and Minnie talked her into singing a part of the song to show them what technique she was talking about and Minnie even said that her nickname was “Miyonce” because she is so good at singing. We have to agree.

Minnie’s next song of choice was “Señorita“, but not their own, Shawn and Camilla’s. Minnie called the song sexy, and she even had a message for Camila: “You’re so sexy, señorita!“. Again, we have to agree.

Miyeon then chose “Bright” by Khelani. She admitted that she doesn’t always understand the lyrics of English songs, but if she likes the melody she’ll look up the translation. She said this song sounds therapeutic to her.

Minnie’s next choice was a popular Hotel del Luna track – “Can You See My Heart” by HEIZE. She said that she didn’t watch the show, but that she really likes the song and that she’s a big HEIZE fan.

The next two songs were both by Daniel Caesar. Miyeon chose “Blessed”, saying that it was an amazing song with romantic lyrics. She said she loves the whole album this song is featured on. Minnie chose his duet with H.E.R. titled “Best Part”. This is another romantic song and Minnie swore it automatically puts you in a good mood.

Miyeon’s last song recommendation was “Melt My Heart To Stone” by the legendary Adele. She said that when she first heard the song it sounded like a feel-good track, and that she was surprised when she saw how sad the lyrics were.

The last song in the episode was BTOB’s “Beautiful Pain”. Both Minnie and Miyeon chose the song, saying that it just strikes a chord with them. They added that Shuhua also really likes this track and that she likes breakup songs in general.

Someone’s taste in music can say a lot about that person, and this episode just made us love these two even more!

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