(G)I-DLE Perform At Holiday Concert In Taiwan

On December 21, (G)I-DLE performed at the “Tainan Christmas & New Year’s Eve Concert” in Tainan, Taiwan.

The girls absolutely wowed the audience of 20 000 people with a bangin’ setlist and an energetic performance.

(G)I-DLE opened with their summer title track “Uh-Oh”, followed by “HANN (Alone)” and two B-side tracks – “Maze” and “Blow Your Mind“, before performing “Senorita” and finally their ultimate hit “LATATA“. Unfortunately, due to some copyright issues with Mnet, they couldn’t perform “Lion”.

The whole concert has graciously been uploaded to YouTube and you can see our girls’ performance starting from 2:56:30.

This was a very special performance for the girls for multiple reasons – Taiwan is our maknae Shuhua’s home country and, since the girls only recently released their official lightstick, this was their first opportunity to see Neverlands proudly waving them in the audience!

The girls also talked to MTV Taiwan, and during the interview Soyeon touched upon them not being able to perform “Lion”, but emphasized how happy they all were to get to perform their other songs. She just keeps proving to be an amazing leader!

Did you see the girls’ performance? What did you think of it?

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