(G)I-DLE – Queendom’s Fierce Maknae Group

This article is a part of our series of articles about the participants of Mnet’s girl group competition show Queendom, which began airing on August 29 and will end on October 31.

When (G)I-DLE debuted in 2018, all the other participants of Queendom had already been on the K-pop scene for at least a few years, with Park Bom debuting with 2ne1 almost a decade prior. 

Knowing that they are by far the youngest group on the show couldn’t have been easy for Soyeon, Miyeon, Soojin, Minnie, Yuqi and Shuhua, despite having an extremely successful first year of their career under their belts – they won five ROTY awards in 2018 and they had three successful comebacks. 

If there was any doubt whether they could hold their own against their sunbaes, (G)I-DLE proved they were absolutely capable of outperforming everyone with their first Queendom stage. Their dark and mesmerizing “LATATA” performance won them first place in the first battle and had everyone talking about them. At the time of writing this article, this performance is the third most viewed Queendom performance so far. 

What makes things even better is that the girls, or more precisely, their leader Soyeon came up with this new concept for the song. In the video below you can see everyone’s reactions when Soyeon says that she was the mastermind behind not only this performance, but also all of their MVs – from “LATATA” to “Uh-Oh”. 

This video also shows how big of a role Soyeon plays in the group. She doesn’t just come up with amazing ideas, she makes sure to see them through – she is a hands-on type of leader. Before their “LATATA” stage Soyeon expressed just how determined they were to show everyone what they are made of by saying:

We always aim for the top. Since we are the maknae group, some might think we are not as good as the rest of the contestants, but we are going to show them what we can do in this competition.

It’s safe to say that they have managed to do that.

Their first performance on Queendom was indicative of all their subsequent performances – despite being the youngest participants on the show, (G)I-DLE have undisputedly had the most daring and out-there performances. 

For the second battle (G)I-DLE prepared an absolutely killer rendition of 2ne1’s “Fire” which brought Park Bom to nostalgic tears. To everyone’s surprise, the girls ended up in sixth place in that round, but this is still the most viewed Queendom stage. 

Last Thursday they once again took everyone’s breath away with “Put It Straight” from their second mini album I Made. Just like with “LATATA” in their first performance, the girls prepared a new, darker concept for their stage and gave their song a completely new sound. 

With three more performances to go in the next episode, we still don’t know how the girls will rank, but currently “Put It Straight” has more than three million views on YouTube, and it is by far the most viewed stage from that episode. 

Another testament to how well thought-out (G)I-DLE’s participation on Queendom is is this month’s Girl Group Brand Reputation Rankings. In just one month, the girls shot from the twentieth place straight to the very top, leaving Nation’s Girl Group TWICE in second place. 

No matter your views on Mnet or the concept of Queendom, it cannot be disputed that (G)I-DLE benefited from participating in the show. They are trending in Korea after every performance, their songs are finding their way back to many Korean music charts and they have undoubtedly gained new fans, all thanks to their hard work and determination to make the most of their time on Queendom. 

We’re looking forward to their new single coming out and we wish the girls a very successful and long career!

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