(G)I-DLE Releasing “LION” MV

On November 1 (G)I-DLE shared this already iconic photo on their official Twitter account, with a simple caption – “LION IS BACK”.

Naturally, all Neverlands immediately started to wonder what could that possibly mean. Some of them thought that we’ll be getting an MV for their Queendom single, while others (including us) hoped that the girls are planning a whole comeback sometime soon.

Today, November 3 at 12 am KST, we got our answer – we’re getting a “LION” MV in 24 hours (November 4 at midnight KST).

We’re glad to see that the beautiful outfits the girls wore during their final stage on Queendom are going to make a comeback in the MV, albeit in a slightly less revealing version.

Only 24 hours until we see this masterpiece!

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