(G)I-DLE Show Us Something Different On ‘Sugarman’

Today, January 31, (G)I-DLE appeared on the 10th episode of season 3 of Sugarman.

For their appearance on the show, (G)I-DLE prepared a cover of Kim Wonjun’s 90s hit “Show”.

This time around, the brains behind their cover and performance was none other than our very own Minnie. Her version of the song, called “2020 Show” amazed the Sugarman MC, who called it wonderful and said that it sounds like it belongs in a musical.

Naturally, the girls made sure that they had a perfect performance to go with their version of the song, and we can’t get over how amazing this completely different concept fits them. Check it out for yourself!

Did you enjoy the girls’ performance, Neverland?

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