[(G)I-DLE] Shuhua Talks About Their Performance On ‘Queendom’

Today, October 18 at around 6 pm KST, Shuhua surprised us all on V Live.

She spent the first part of her broadcast talking about (G)I-DLE’s yesterday’s performance on Queendom. Just in case you somehow missed it, the girls performed their song “Put It Straight”, but with a very interesting and dark twist.

The girls have time and time again proved that they are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone and think outside the box when it comes to their Queendom performances. So far it seems that their boldness is working in their favor.

Not only did they rise up to the top of the October Girl Group Brand Reputation Ranking, their songs also found their way back on many Korean music charts.

After their performance yesterday “Put It Straight” shot up to no. 2 on MelOn Rising Chart and the song was also trending on Korean YouTube, all for good reason.

Shuhua took this opportunity to also gush about how good their performance was and she praised their backup dancers for doing an amazing job. Her only qualm with their performance was her hair sticking to her face at one point, which, in her opinion, looked wrong.

Shuhua also mention Soojin’s amazing acting skills, which definitely haven’t gone unnoticed by anyone – that scene of her smudging her lipstick is a work of art in and of itself.

The supportive friend that she is, Shuhua couldn’t help but also praise how good Minnie looked with their spooky makeup and how well she translated the emotions they were going for with her facial expressions.

We are still in absolute shock because of how good their yesterday’s stage was and we’re beyond excited for their new single to come out!

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